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The idea behind 'ITsocials' is - having a platform of trustworthy opinions and reviews to help IT professionals for their day to day personal and domestic needs.

It is created exclusively for IT professionals (or as we call them ‘ITizens’).

Here, you can rate/review the vendors you deal with in daily life like shopkeepers, maintenance personnel, instructors, doctors, etc. Highlight the good ones, spot the bad ones and help your fellow colleagues to pick the right vendor.

The exclusivity ensures you are getting the opinions from the like-minded people with no biased reviews.

In major IT companies, there are internal forums for this, however the data is not structured and has limited accessibility. ITsocials is an attempt to remove these hindrances.

So, ITizens! Let’s speak, share and help ourselves.

Note: Currently, the platform is available for major IT cities and companies in India. We may review and revise this list periodically.


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